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Meet the team


Laura Evans

Laura has run Cow City for 10 years. working with horses for many years, from race horses in the UK to breaking wild brumby’s in Oz. 


Immy Pickersgill

Immy, our head girl, has been with us since she was 15 and has been working at Cow City for 7 years.


Amy Edwards 


Amy has experience from working at show jumping yards to teaching at riding schools. Her dream is to show jump her horse in the future. 


Ria Evans


Ria is an experienced horse women having grown up on the yard. Whilst finishing her A levels Ria is continuing to work at the yard doing general yard duties and exercising livery horse, whilst producing her own youngster. 


Lilly Dakin 

Lilly poo picks and upholds our field maintenance.

Sophie Tepper.jpg

Sophie Tepper

Sophie has been around horses since she was 5 years old and loves working at Cow City where she can enjoy her passion for being around horses. 

Becca Dix.jpg

Becca Dix

Becca is our longest serving member of staff who has worked at Cow City since 2016. Becca offers monthly clinics and lessons at the yard.


Maddie Alexander​

Maddie is one of our newer member of the Cow City team joining us in 2021. She has been around horses since she was just 4 years old.


Lily Brant


Lily is one of our younger members of the team and started working at Cow City in 2020. Lily dreams of one day owning her own horse.

Jasmine Jenkins.jpg

Jasmine Jenkins

Jasmine joined the Cow City team at the beginning of 2020. She has been riding since she was 3 and has always had a passion for horses. Jas enjoys riding the most challenging horses.


Ruth Fawkes 

Ruth is our newest member of the team and recently brought her first horse after sharing for many years. 

Katie Martin.jpg

Katie Martin

Katie started working at Cow City in December 2020. Katie has owned horses since the age of 7. 


Indie-Ana Evans

Indie-Ana Evans is just 9 years old and is the heart of Cow City. 

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