Meet the team


Drewlor Equine - Drew and Laura Evans


Husband and wife team Drew and Laura are the glue that have held Cow City together for 10 years. They have worked with horses all their lives, from race horses in the UK to breaking wild brumby’s in Oz. Now settled down in Laura’s home county to bring up their family. They have two daughters - 17 year old Ria, whose passion is to be a vet in years to come,  and little Indie-Ana who is 8 years and would like to tell you that its really her that runs the yard :)

Immy Pickersgill

Immy has been working at Cow City for 6 years, starting part time during school, to now working full time having finished uni. Immy has learnt everything she knows from Drew and Laura, from horse feeds and fencing to yard management and injuries. Immy loves her job taking care of liveries and treasured ponies, which is reflected everyday by her positive and smiley energy.

Katie Conquest.jpg

Katie Conquest


Katie joined the team in 2020 and began working weekends just a month after moving to the yard with her own horse. Katie has been around horses from a young age but only recently got back into riding after moving to Cow City. Cow city has helped Katie gain shed loads of friends and confidence and she loves the family atmosphere that is present at all times. Katie is currently training to go to drama school as well as looking after her mum’s horse and her share pony. Katie’s favourite thing about working at Cow City is the sense of community that the yard gives as well as it being a place of fun, happiness and overwhelming support.

Ria Evans.jpg

Ria Evans


Ria is an experienced horse women having grown up on the yard as Drew and Laura's daughter. She has produced and sold her own horses, whilst competing in all disciplines in pony club and racing, gaining her B test with pony club. Whilst finishing her A levels Ria is continuing to work at the yard doing general yard duties and exercising livery horse, whilst producing her own youngster. Ria always has a smile on her face and will go out of her way to help anyone on the yard.

Emma Sparks.jpg

Emma Sparks

Emma joined the team in 2020 and has been around horses from a young age, including having her own 2 horses who are both now stabled at Cow City. Emma enjoys seeing the progress of the horses improve and finding lovely new homes! Emma’s favourite thing about Cow City is the constant fun and supportive atmosphere you get from walking onto the yard to riding or competing in shows held at cow city.

Sophie Tepper.jpg

Sophie Tepper

Sophie has been around horses since she was 5 years old and loves working at Cow City where she can enjoy her passion for being around horses. Sophie has previously owned her own horse but also has a busy career outside of the equine world working in television broadcasting, currently working on Tennis and Football projects. Sophie loves being able to balance both elements of her career. 

Becca Dix.jpg

Becca Dix

Becca is our longest serving member of staff who has worked at Cow City since 2016! She works part time doing general yard duties, and she’s also a BHS Stage 3 (BHSAI) Riding Instructor who teaches at a well known Riding School in London as well as doing monthly Pole Work Clinic at Cow City which are very popular! In her own time she competes both of her horses in Cow City’s BD Team Quest in Team Cow Divas and she also does showing.


Maddie Alexander

Maddie is one of our newer member of the Cow City team joining us in 2021. She has been around horses since she was just 4 years old, and started riding at 8. Maddie is passionate and hardworking, and dreams of having her own horse one day but in the meantime, enjoys every day she gets to look after, love and cuddle the horse at Cow City. Maddie is thriving on the experience she is gaining from the rest of the Cow City team.


Lily Brant


Lily is one of our younger members of the team and started working at Cow City in 2020. Lily's love for horses started when she was given riding lessons for Christmas at 8 years old, and her passion for horses has not stopped growing since. Lily dreams of one day owning her own horse, and looks forward to continuing her learning of all things horses whilst at Cow City so she can work towards qualifications within equine care in the future.

Jasmine Jenkins.jpg

Jasmine Jenkins

Jasmine joined the Cow City team at the beginning of 2020. She has been riding since she was 3 and has always had a passion for horses.  When she is not Eventing her own Irish gelding , she enjoys riding and producing the sales horses. Jasmine has competitively show jumped up to 110cm and Events at affiliated level. She hopes to continue her way up the levels Eventing and further her education with horses.

James Horsfield.jpg

James Horsfield

James has been with the Cow City team since the end of 2020 but has been around horses since he was born and started riding bareback from a bubba! After a break from horses, he has recently found his passion again, with the help of Drew and Laura. James is often found riding the sales liveries which is enabling his to gain a wide range of experience with different horses. James loves the atmosphere and friendships he has made at Cow City and loves that  there is always someone to ride out with.

Katie Martin.jpg

Katie Martin

Katie started working at Cow City in December 2020. Katie has enjoyed getting back into working with horses after finishing uni with an English degree. Katie has been riding since the age of 7 and produced and sold her first horse when she was 16 whilst show jumping competitively. Katie is currently enjoying producing livery horses.


Indie-Ana Evans

Indie-Ana Evans is just 8 years old and is the heart of Cow City. Indie-Ana is the youngest daughter of Drew and Laura and she oozes what life is about. Always happy and smiley, and the most fearless rider of them all. Indie-Ana has ridden most horses at the yard, but she is currently focused on Shetland racing with her pony Kappa as part of the JPL racing display team as well as enjoying other disciplines such as dressage, showjumping, showing and general fun with her other pony Maddie.