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Cow City is home to 16 internal and 17 external spacious boxes, all benefiting from anti cast banks, auto drinkers, hay-bar feeders and a lockable storage cupboard. Every box is well ventilated, with natural light during the day, strip lights for those early mornings and dark nights, with the added benefit of a

night light for when the yard is locked up at night.



Horses benefit from all year round turnout onto sandy loam soil which limits the risk of mud fever. Each paddock has post and rail fencing with electric wire over and under each rail to prevent wind sucking and crib biting. We believe that horses are herd animals who prefer to be in groups which we keep to a maximum of 5. We don't mix genders and individual turnout is available if preferred. Each easy to access paddock is 2-3 acres, on clean mature grass clear of ragwort and regulary poo picked.



Clients have the free use of 2 all weather flood lit Martin Colins schools. The largest being a 60m x 20m fibra sand school with the benefit of a full set of mirrors, the other a 40m x 20m rubber sand school. Both schools are marked out for dressage and are well maintained. There is a full set of show jumps available for use. In the summer months we have a paddock available to ride in which has a set of cross country type jumps. 



Turn left or right out of the yard gate and you are immediately onto one of many bridle ways which zig zag through the beautiful woodlands of Farley Hill Estate.  We have easy access to Bramshill through the ford which offers you a peaceful slow hack or for the braver riders a place to canter or gallop along the sandy soil tracks which bring you back round to the yard safe and sound. Horses that we are preparing for competition or sale are hacked through the woodland and on across the main road at the back end of Bramshill, to the 6 furlong all-weather gallops, giving them chance to warm up and then cool off on their way home.



Cow City Livery offers added security and peace of mind to owners knowing there is CCTV monitoring the farm 24 hours a day, as well as alarm systems. Every livery at Cow City has an allocated space in the tack room with individual saddle and bridle racks as well as adequate storage, and space for 4 rugs. The tack room is behind a steel door with pin code.


When liveries are not enjoying riding their horses, they can often be found in the Cow City kitchen, which has full tea and coffee making facilities as well as a microwave, and a steady supply of cakes!


Solarium and wash area

We have the added bonus of having an solarium onsite. Perfect for drying off after a bath or warming up before a ride. The solarium is also great to promote circulation, soothe sore backs and help heal injuries. 

We also have a separate wash area with multiple tie up rings.

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